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Tallulah Falls Named a 2007 Book for the Teen Age by the New York Public Library

What would you do if your best friend disappeared?

Find her.

When seventeen-year-old Tallulah Addy gets a frantic message from her best friend Maeve, she drops everything—including her own difficult family—and sets out from Oregon to rescue her. But a few days later it's Tallulah who needs help after she finds herself abandoned and penniless in rural Tennessee. Calling her family is out of the question, yet when help does come, even Tallulah couldn't have guessed it would be in the form of a dying dog.

Before long, Tallulah has a pull-out couch to sleep on, a job at the local veterinarian's office, and the beginning of a friendship (and perhaps more) with Kyle, the young assistant whose tongue-tied ways conceal a more complicated heart. But the ornery vet, Dr. Poteet, doesn't want her there, and Tallulah has little patience for cleaning kennels or holding horses that seem hell-bent on kicking her. Furious with herself for failing Maeve, Tallulah swears she'll resume her rescue mission the first chance she gets. But when that chance finally comes, will it be Maeve or the eccentric group of strangers who has the bigger claim on Tallulah's heart?

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Hardcover, Bloomsbury Publishing, May 2006, ISBN: 978-1582346625
Paperback, Bloomsbury Publishing, May 2007, ISBN: 978-1599900957


"...the compelling scenes of caring for the animals feel entirely authentic and never sentimental... teens, particularly those who love animals, will relate to the lonely outsider who finds compassionate attention from an unlikely source."

"What an unexpectedly rich, complicated and painfully honest read—Chris's book captures all the emotional complexity and smart-ass attitude of the dangerously rebellious adolescent, with plot twists I never saw coming and literally left me slack-jawed. How infuriating that at 17, I had no access to a book like this!"
   —Ketzel Levine, NPR Senior Correspondent

"This story of a screw-up teen, 17-year-old "Tallulah," grabs the reader and doesn't let go... It's an involving, nuanced character study that keeps the reader interested throughout. Honest and realistic—a winner."
   —Kirkus Reviews

"A book that has everything: a heroine surviving an incredible journey (both external and within); characters so real they walk off the page; and a brisk yet thoughtful plot, brightened with flashes of humor. This is an excellent read from first-time novelist Christine Fletcher that will leave her audience anxiously awaiting her next book."

"Teens will relate to Tallulah—she's imperfect, stubborn, mouthy, and searching for truth and acceptance. The action moves at a breakneck pace as Tallulah changes from an impulsive, difficult teen to a thoughtful young woman with direction."
   —School Library Journal

"In clear, uncompromising prose, Christine Fletcher tells the story of Tallulah Addy's search for her missing friend Maeve—a journey that takes Tallulah far from home, tests her very being, and forces her to finally find herself. Tallulah and her event-filled road trip are unforgettable."
   —Sally Nemeth, author of The Heights, the Depths, and Everything in Between (Knopf, July 2006)