christine christine

1.   One of my front teeth is fake. The real one was broken by a large angry Rottweiler who decided she didn't want me looking in her ears.

2.   I didn't get my driver's license until I was twenty-two...but since then, I've driven across the country four times.

3.   I quit full-time veterinary work to write Tallulah Falls.

4.   To make ends meet and still have time to write, I taught at a community college. One of my classes gave me a Certificate of Appreciation, which reads: " gratitude for your illustrative stories, which we will remember long after the cold hard facts have slipped from our brains." Maybe they were referring to the one about the parasitology professor who deliberately infected herself with tapeworms. That's my favorite. Especially since it's true.

5.   In fact, parasitology was my favorite subject to teach, because grossing out my students was such endless fun.

6.   When I was twelve, I decided to write a book about the family dogs. I couldn't think of anything past the first page. That's when I learned that characters have to be interesting if you're going to write about them, and there's not much interesting about sleeping most of the day and chasing a ball.

7.   I worked on both my high school and veterinary school yearbooks. People think yearbook staffers are major geeks. This is true.

8.   My first experience with heartbreak happened when I was six. I'd just gotten my first pair of glasses, and the optometrist and my parents assured me none of my classmates would even notice. Then the boy I had a crush on took one look and said, "I liked her better without those." From that moment on, he acted as if I didn't exist.

9.   In my sophomore year of high school, I switched from glasses to contact lenses. Everyone's prediction finally came true: Nobody noticed. The fact that I was attending an all-girls Catholic school probably had something to do with this. Which only goes to prove: timing is everything.