Tuesday, June 03, 2008

An Anniversary. A Contest. And It's Only Been Two Years!*

I just realized that on April 26th, 2008, the second anniversary of this blog slipped quietly past. I clearly remember, at the beginning, giving myself six months. If I was managing to post on a regular basis, I figured I’d keep going. If not, I’d bag it. Quite honestly, I doubted I’d make it past two posts, let alone two years.

Why did I start? Simple. Because my agent and editor said all authors need to blog. Period. I was a brand-new baby author; if my editor said I had to eat Froot Loops for breakfast every day, I’d have run out to buy a dozen boxes and a gallon of milk. And too, I thought it’d be fun to try (blogging, not Froot Loops. I hate Froot Loops).

But even though all the pros were sure I needed a blog, I was still hazy on what the thing was actually FOR. Endlessly pushing my own books? Ewww. Just the thought made me queasy. Rambling on about my day? Oh, please. Not even my dogs are interested in my day. (“She sat and make the clicky noises with her fingers…I fell asleep…woke up… still making clicky noises.”) Yep, that’s fascinating.

My own favorite blogs are snarkily funny (the great Miss Snark herself, RIP; Smart Bitches Trashy Books; barista bratwhere are ye, brat? So long since we heard from ye…) But snark isn’t a voice I can pull off. No way, no how, don’t even try.

So…when in doubt, make it simple. I blog about things that interest me. Now, I know well the depths of my own geekiness; I’ve had too many actual-world people stare blankly while I blather on about something I find absolutely fascinating to doubt I might get the same reaction online. (After reading one of my first posts, my sweetie shook his head and said, “Wow, that’s really strange.” And no, I’m not going to link to which post it was). Snarkiness might be the homecoming queen, the quarterback’s girlfriend, the head cheerleader. Geeks work on the yearbook committee and come up with the obscurely funny photo captions that nobody else gets. But what would the world be without us?

Anyway, somewhere along the line I figured out the purpose of this blog. Nothing profound; it’s an open door, that’s all. For folks who are curious about my books, or who just stumbled across my site: come on in, poke around, get to know me a little. And for you who stop by regularly, my deep thanks. I’m still delighted and honored whenever I get a comment—wow, someone read what I wrote!

I have my Post-it note of possible topics stuck on my desk, and Blogger awaits. Sometimes, it even lets me post pictures. And so we begin year three…

...the same way we began two years ago: with a contest. Leave a comment on this post and I'll use the magic random number generator to pick the winner of a signed copy of Ten Cents a Dance. Deadline by my next post. Which I don't know when that will be. Could be tomorrow (OK, that's unlikely), probably within the next week. Hey, what's a contest without a little suspense?

*A shout-out to the post that started this whole shenanigan.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

...and I've read every one! I don't comment on every one. That would be boring at best, weird and creepy at worst.
Here's hoping no one else comments. You won't even have to break out the RNG!
If I win, you'll have to guess who I am

7:06 PM  
Blogger Melissa Marsh said...

I love to blog, though there are times when I haven't the foggiest notion what to blog ABOUT.

Happy Anniversary!

9:05 AM  
Anonymous Walter Rowntree said...

Though I don't know, since I'm an old fart and as such I struggle with the trends of today's youth, I imagine that a really lively blog will create long running and perennially active comments which take on a life of their own. (Or is that Forums???). Anyway, you'll have to blog about something controversial if you really want to start a conversation. (Good try with the Pit Bulls) Abortion, anyone?

2:17 PM  
Blogger Christine Fletcher said...

Ooh, a challenge from anonymous! Hmm, I have a good guess...if you win, we'll see if I'm right.

Melissa, I have the same issue. Sometimes I have loads of topics; other times, not a single idea. When the blog goes quiet, usually I'm waiting for something interesting to get me going again. Or, I'm on deadline--one or the other! But I do enjoy it, otherwise I would've quit long ago.

Walter, the nice thing is I don't want one of those blogs where a hundred people comment and start calling each other names. So far, no danger of that (despite my best attempt with the pit bull thing, ha ha). In fact, I rather like to think of this as my virtual living room.

10:57 PM  
Blogger Jone said...

I found your blog via the sign up for the blogging conference in Portland this September. Looking forward to reading your book.

5:54 AM  
Blogger Christine Fletcher said...

Hi, Jone! Glad you found me. I was thrilled to find out about the Kidlitosphere Conference--it was one of my blog readers who tipped me off, actually. It sounds like fun; I'm looking forward to meeting everybody and learning tons!

6:32 PM  

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